Using LED Lighting on Front-Lit Channel Letters

Lighted Signs

There are many advantages to lighted signs on the road – they’re extremely effective at drawing attention, and they can even help increase a company’s visibility. This extra visibility can also help boost profits and sales for a company. Sarasota Florida business owners will find that these signs can be placed on almost any type of property – they’re often inexpensive and can provide instant gratification as their presence is known. Below, you’ll find a few of the most popular types of Sarasota Florida business signs.


The first type of lighted signs found on the street in Sarasota are monument signs. These include such well-known signs as flags, billboards, advertising hoardings and more. These have full-color displays and can come in multiple variations. In addition to the different options of color, they can display a variety of different fonts. In fact, some advertising companies have even created digital signs that include the use of different fonts, but in a digital format. These types of digital signs can be programmed to appear at specific times, days of the week and in any other manner the company may want.


Another common type of Sarasota Florida business signs are LED signs, which are sometimes also referred to as LED advertising signs or illuminated business signs. These are a newer type of Sarasota Florida business signage, and they’re quickly becoming extremely popular for a number of reasons. One reason is that LEDs can be seen from further away than their neon counterparts, and they don’t use as much electricity, which helps with the cost of the advertising dollar go down as well.


LEDs differ from pylon signs in other ways as well. For example, LEDs can have a backlit display, which means that they can have multiple colors on the front panel of the sign, and several images on the backlit panels as well. This can all be done without the use of electricity. In addition, LED technology enables them to be more easily programmable, so that the sign can change automatically as the information on the sign changes. So, instead of simply being a plain black sign with a boring white background, a LED sign can be completely refilled with information as the user desires. In fact, LED technology allows for virtually any kind of sign that can be displayed on a traditional lighted sign to be displayed on an LED sign.


Another thing about LEDs that makes them very popular is that they use much less power than a regular pylon sign or a lighted sign at all, which means that the cost of advertising is going down as well. Another great thing about these types of signs is that they can be used almost anywhere, as they can be mounted almost anywhere. In fact, some of the new lighted signs that are being developed are actually pylon signs with LED lights underneath, which means that the sign can have a full “halo” of light around it, and it can be designed in such a way that it can be used almost anywhere.


In addition to all of this, there are some other advantages to LED signs that make them extremely popular today. For example, unlike regular illuminated push-through signs, with LED signs there is no need to have a sign mount on the outside of the building. Also, the actual light itself that comes through the sign has a “halo effect”, which means that the sign actually has three different areas of illumination – one above the words on the sign itself, one below the words, and one very low so that it is invisible to anyone standing beyond the sign’s top.